Friday, October 21, 2005

The BNL Blog

A lot of artists are blogging now (here's a starter list), or at least keeping an online journal. One of my favorites is the Barenaked Ladies' blog.

It was started during the recording of the excellent Everything To Everyone, and has been updated sporadically during that time - usually by Steven Page and usually around recording sessions.

Additionally, there's a Q&A page where the band (again, mainly Steve) do yeoman's work in answering tons of questions from fans. I'm impressed, but not surprised, that Steve doesn't only post the "drooling fanboy" questions but also the ones that challenge them. For example, here's a recent question:

So, after ticketmaster charges and stuff, I would wind up paying over 60 bucks for one of the "good" tickets for your upcoming tour. I already paid 40 bucks to see your last holiday tour. What's gonna be so special about this one, Steve? Or should I call you Don Henley?

btw, you're one of my favorite songwriters. I dunno why I keep writing you such dickhead questions. Might have something to do with hiding behind the anonymity of the internet though. Take care (but seriously, 53 bucks?).

If I were Steve, I'd either ignore the question, or go to great lengths to find out his IP address and just start spamming the crap out of him. (Calling him DON HENLEY? WTF?) But instead, Steve went to Fin, their tour manager, who broke down the costs of touring, and where all that ticket money is going.

Check out the blog for 10/20/05 under "Conscientious Objector" for Fin's breakdown. It's really interesting.

Oh, the other reason I love the blog is because Steve gave DWS and I permission to rip off their "Material Girl" cover. Search around, you'll find it.


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