Monday, May 23, 2005

Homer For The Blind

From WFMU's blog (via Waxy) comes a story about accidentally catching a version of The Simpsons accompanied by DVS audio captioning, which is essentially closed-captioning for the blind. Although DVS is not new, it caught my eye for the first time a few weeks ago when Stevie Wonder released the video for his single, "So What The Fuss," accompanied by a DVS track read by Busta Rhymes. (Just think on that for a moment.)

Anyway, go check out the post on WFMU. You can download a 21.5 MB mp3 of the DVS audio track if you're interested. It's the whole episode. The author is right: it does sound like an old-time radio show. I love the narrator's inflections. Plus, it's much easier to notice the similarities in the voices than it is when I'm watching the show; I can recognize which characters belong to Dan Castellaneta and Hank Azaria.

WFMU: The Simpsons as Described by WGBH


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