Friday, May 27, 2005

Oh, Action Park...

Somebody just came into my office and was talking about braving the crowds at Great Adventure this weekend. The talk turned to thoughts of Action Park (now Mountain Creek), the New Jersey park where we spent many childhood summers, desperately trying not to lose our own lives.

Somebody wrote this fantastic article about it in 2000 that made me laugh to the point of crying. It's just a phenomenal article. Around this time every year, I have to do a mad Google search to find the damn thing. I guess it's funnier if you went there, but I think it's hysterical regardless. Reading it now is making me giggle my ass off all over again. I've included the link here.

Adam and I are still searching for the hot girl in the green bathing suit from 1991 or so.

In Memoriam: Action Park


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