Wednesday, September 28, 2005

For The Love Of Genesis

Just this morning, Mike and I were on the phone singing "That's All" by Genesis. (In case you're wondering, us singing to each other on the phone is a normal occurrence. And the answer to your other question is no, we're not.) I remarked how much I dig the Phil Collins-led, pop phase of Genesis (although I do love Selling England By The Pound, especially "Firth of Fifth"). And then, today, Stereogum gives Genesis some love as well. Check out his site for a new Disturbed cover of "Land of Confusion," as well as a 12" mix (remember those?). The cover isn't bad, although I noticed that the lead singer has changed one of the lyrics, because apparently saying the words "and the sound of your laughter" means that you're a pussy. Scott also posts the excellent scene from American Psycho. And I'll just use this opportunity to say that "Never A Time" from We Can't Dance is far superior to "Hold On My Heart." God, I am so lame.

Here's a picture of Genesis back in the 70s. Phil Collins is the dude who looks eerily like Mike Love on the left.

Image hosted by

In researching for this post, I came across an excellent letter from Phil Collins to all fans who complain that his setlist is boring. It's been deleted from his website but you can read it here.

If Adam ever bothered to read my blog, he'd be creaming right now.


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