Sunday, October 23, 2005

Spreading The Gospel Of Tommy

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I know, all I do is spread the gospel of guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. But I just came across a great article and an even greater video.

The video is a big download (88 MB) and is about 30 minutes long, but I promise you, it's SO worth watching. (We're all on highspeed connections anyway, right?) If you're interested in guitar, fingerstyle, and showmanship - this video illustrates why Tommy is such an unbelievable performer. It features a few stories, a lesson on his playing and composing style, an UNREAL live performance of "Tall Fiddler" (try watching his hands, but it doesn't matter because you won't be able to follow them) and a performance of "Classical Gas" with a string quartet (and about 10 false starts which show why Tommy is so much fun to watch live).

Here's the article:

And here's the direct link to the video, on page 4 (requires QuickTime)

or, if that link is too long for you:




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