Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Christmas Radio Recap

Back in November, I commented on WLTW's All-Christmas switch a full 5 weeks before the holiday, and the reasons for switching so early:

The reason they flipped so early has to do with ratings - the Arbitron Fall Ratings book is in its last phase, and if WLTW picks up enough listeners, it'll reflect in the fall book (and thus positively enhance their advertising opportunities).

Turns out the switch was right on target. According to the numbers provided by The Daily News, WLTW won the overall slot by quite a lot. A 7.4 overall. However, I was wrong with my prediction:

I predict that WPLJ will flip either on or the day after Thanksgiving. JACK will stick with its current format, as will 102.7, in the hopes of catching those who are sick to death of Christmas music.

I was right about JACK and WNEW sticking with their current formats. WPLJ didn't switch at all, and I still can't figure out why. But it turns out it bit them in the ass, with a pathetic 2.2 overall. Maybe they'll listen to me next year. :)

By the way, here's an interesting tidbit: the most played Christmas song on WLTW this past year?

"Winter Wonderland" by The Eurythmics. A staggering 293 times. I NEVER would have guessed it would be that song.

My source for the majority of this information, by the way, is the excellent New York Radio Message Board.


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