Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Queensr├┐che Returns

OPERATION: MINDCRIME II electric boogaloo

Needs no words from me, really. Except for a few choice bits from this AllMusic review:

In any case the most startling thing about II is its sound: pure 1980s heavy metal. The band went back to exploring the kinds of technology used on the first segment and basically revisited it, retuned the guitars to A., and let it rip. Shockingly, it doesn't sound cheesy at all.


Tate looks at the current political and social landscape and can only say that "everything moves faster now/living at the speed of light," other than that, it's the same -- which is why a sequel was predicated in the first place.


There are some new factors on II: Michael Kamen is not on-board as the string arranger this time out; Ashif Hakik is.

(that's 'cause he's dead.)

There are guests vocalists here, of course, including Pamela Moore, Miranda Tate, and the voice of Dr. X: Ronnie James Dio!

Dio is a great choice. Dio has rocked for a long, long time.

Go pick up Operation: Mindcrime II today! Ronnie James Dio is standing by.


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