Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Eugene Landy Dies

Eugene Landy, the "doctor" who so famously fought for complete and total ownership over Brian Wilson, has died.

I know instinctually how I felt about this, but just out of curiosity's sake, I went over to the Brian Wilson Message Board to see what the reaction was. The conversations there are generally biased to the point of amusement. But I was surprised to read this sentiment:

While we comment on Dr. L's passing I would remind several of his detractors that for many...Brian's best post treatment tunes were written with Landy still actively in the picture. The material on the unreleased Sweet Insanity album...coupled with that from his first solo lp is pretty darned impressive.

And...Brian is STILL cookin'. Important and worthy of the highest praise. That things deteriorated to the point that they did is terrible. That certain 'treatments' were not worthy of ever being repeated is a whole other story. BUT...the bottom line is the most important aspects of the association were successful.

Not bad points. But I thought this following sentiment put it best:

I was not a fan of his. He was sort of a pal of Brian Wilsons, so i suppose you have to show some respect, but I don't think he is going to the place where you carry a harp.


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