Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bad Plagiarist! BAD!

I am terribly sorry for the lack of Plagiarist content at the moment. Work has been extremely busy as of late, and I haven't had any time at all to write anything worthwhile. I can update you, however, on a few interesting things that have happened lately:

  • Stood next to Peter Frampton in the security line at the Las Vegas airport;
  • Saw an excellent Billy Joel show, where he played so many obscurities that people were trampling each other to escape towards the beer line. Will somebody tell me why this is the first image that comes up when you search for "Billy Joel" on Google?
  • Found the following concerts I really want to attend - which, interestingly enough, are all more than one artist that I enjoy: Steely Dan/Michael McDonald, Bill Frisell/Petra Haden, Hem/Over The Rhine, Guster/Ray LaMontagne. And, of course, Tommy Muthafuckin' Emmanuel. June 12. I am all over that show. I was not smart enough to purchase the "VIP" tickets before they sold out, however. Not that I care that much about the meet-and-greet or the poster, but I sure would have loved reserved seating up close. Getting good seats at BB King's is one of the most stressful experiences ever. I hate that venue - despite a very good sound system, there's no way to enjoy a show there in good seating without spending at least an extra $50 on food/drink.
  • Speaking of concerts, found out that George Michael is touring in Europe and sold out all the shows in about 2 hours. One day, I'll tell you about how the 8/15/88 "Faith" concert at Madison Square Garden still remains one of my greatest concert memories ever. Yes, I'm serious, bitches.
  • Listened to Survivor's Reach numerous times. Can't get the actual song "Reach" out of my head. Thus continues my love/hate relationship with the brilliance that is Jefito.
  • Found this great article on the great Live Concert Moment. I've been holding on to this article for the past few weeks in hopes of fostering a good discussion about it, but I don't have the time to really go into it at the moment. So I post this mainly for my music peeps (Jefito, Ace, Mike) because I keep thinking about you when I read it, and maybe we can discuss it when I have more time or when Plagiarist debuts its forthcoming changes, whichever comes first (and at this point, I'm not sure).
That's all for now. I'm out of town on business for the rest of the week, pretty much, so hopefully I'll have something exciting to report upon my return. Enjoy and thanks for checking in.


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Only because of the resulting earworms. Don't take it personally.


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