Wednesday, June 08, 2005

BNL, Steven Page, Shakespeare and the Egg-Static Harp Mic

Another one of those posts destined to only appeal to me, as it's all BNL related. It's also partially to help me remember to fully check all these things out at some point, as I'm leaving for vacation in just a few days.

- Steven Page has written a nice little article for The Believer, about buying a microphone called the Egg-Static Harp Mic and downplaying it to his bandmates. Article is here, along with a link at the bottom to download a sweet song he wrote and recorded with said microphone.

- Speaking of Steve (who, btw, let me know that he's fully in favor of Mike and I performing his version of Material Girl), he has a solo disc coming out entitled The Vanity Project. Pre-ordering at Amazon gives access to a stream of the album...but I don't have time to listen to it.

- BNL have composed the soundtrack to The Stratford Festival's production of As You Like It . The disc is only available here. BNL and Shakespeare gets me (and only me) extremely excited.

Back to work. Really.


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