Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wing Sings

The other night I went and saw John Tartaglia of Avenue Q fame do his cabaret show Ad-Liberty. During the show he mentions Wing, who's singing will change the world, one heart at a time. His recommendation was listening to "A Few of My Favorite Things."

I'm suggesting "I Could Have Danced All Night"

Image hosted by
Wing Sings Her voice sounds like the cry of a shy hamster in whose rectum a hot poker has just been inserted.

The New Zealand-based performer's squeaky, ear-shredding rendition of "Dancing Queen" (Link: MP3) was featured in a South Park episode last week. I really need to get out on the internet more often, I don't know how I missed this -- Jesus, I just figured they'd made the character up. Link to Wing Tunes, the official Wing website. Her new album of ABBA covers is magnificent: Link. Here's the South Park episode: Wing,
first aired 03-23-2005. (thanks, pelle)

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