Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Please take off your shoes before entering the house.

I just cannot fathom this whole thing. Jay do you remember when you'd walk down turd alley to get to Library 55? But really... please remove your shoes before coming into the apartment.... :shivers:

Kips Bay is Quite Shitty, Indeed

Jeez, you mention public poopage once on the Interweb and suddenly the, erm, floodgates open. Well, if Curbed is just going to devolve into a collection of poop joke and hookers' tales, then let this be another chapter. Many of you are adamant that a little sloppy deucing isn't a true mark of neighborhood grittiness. In fact, it appears to be the norm. A reader writes:

I hold no beef for Hell's Kitchen, but the fact that you can catch a bum taking a dumpkin on the street does not make the nabe uniquely gritty. Until recently I lived in Kips Bay. When I first moved into the area, I cursed the dog-owners who were leaving their precious pets' turds, some enormous, all over the sidewalk. Then my work schedule changed and I had to start leaving the apartment at around 5am each day. I quickly discovered the horrible truth: those turds were too big to come from dogs. Quite often I spotted members of the local homeless population squatting pants-around-ankles and fertilizing the concrete. I keep trying to tell my later-rising friends that the crap they see on the streets is not dog crap, but perhaps the truth is just too disturbing, since they never believe me.
And now, a joke: What's mushy, brown, sticks to your shoe and smells awful? Manhattan, apparently.
ยท What's Cooking in Hell's Kitchen? [Curbed]


At 7/27/2005 2:14 PM, Blogger Jason said...

I'd normally say "this is why I live in Queens," but who am I kidding - this is no better. :)


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