Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fear no Weezer, or, the triumphant return of Steve Grimmett

Stereogum has a link (streaming wmv) to Weezer's Europe only video for their song "We are all on drugs"

In a cunning bit of snark (or is it a loving tribute?) they took a Grim Reaper video from 1985, for a song called Fear No Evil and played their song over top of it.

A few things about this:

1. No one made funnier videos than Grim Reaper, NO ONE. Not even Dio. Grim Reaper are the Muhammad Ali of unintentionally funny heavy metal videos from the 80s. Post apocalyptic wastelands, stupid werewolf masks, "monster faces", ill advised tight fitting leather daddy vests, amphibious vehicles, its all here, baby.

2. I am sad they didn't use the video for a different Grim Reaper song called See You In Hell, in this one they got a guy to dress up as the Grim Reaper and stroll around purposefully in the background brandishing his scythe. In See You in Hell the Grim Reaper is 12 feet tall and made of paper mache. Plus Steve Grimmett wears an even more comically tight fitting fire engine red leather outfit.

3. Ah Steve Grimmett...Grim Reaper's charismatic leader. You can tell from the videos that he wants very badly to be a macho, intimidating metal god. Unfortunately for Steve he looks to be about 5'4" and looks eerily like a cross between Ozzy and Eric Wenger (ask Jay, non-PW'ers). If you take the kid who got thrown into the lockers in gym class, and put tight fitting leather on him and surround him with werewolves and death's's still the kid who got thrown into the lockers, I'm just sayin...

I am working tonight, and therefore unable to provide a detailed scene by scene snarking of this video. I'd like to ask Jason if he sees fit, to do one for me, in the vein of his brilliant undressing of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet (vol. 1, ch.1, part 1). If he refuses, I'll eventually put one up in the comments to the post. In the meantime, enjoy the brilliance that is Grim Reaper!


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