Saturday, July 16, 2005

Old Grandma Hardcore

No it's not what you think, you guys and your Roly Poly Gangbang 2: Electric Boogaloo Rides the Wave.

It's Grandma the hardcore gamer. Z, I'm sure she'll pwn you and your buddies... look at her skillz...

First Post
My friends encouraged me to start this blog to share my grandma with the world. Anyone who lives near us hearing her scream "Fucking Cocksucker Won't FUCKING DIE!!" at the television at very late hours knows she's something special. I'm her 22 year old grandson and I wouldn't trade her for the world- for many reasons; but one stands out.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3


At 7/18/2005 11:50 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Another one of those "god bless the Internets" moment for me.

I actually know a few people who talk like this - almost verbatim - except they're not playing a videogame or actually talking to anybody in particular. :)


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