Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"The Aristocrats" Banned from AMC Theaters

It was already on my must-see list, but now it just went up a notch.

CNN: AMC Chain Vetoes "Dirtiest Joke Ever"

I will admit that the one clip I saw from the movie (Google search "aristocrats" and "cartman" to see Trey Parker's take on the joke) made my stomach jump, it was so disgusting. And I heard that's only the beginning. Apparently Bob Saget has some raunchy stuff to say. I'm actually nervous to see it, but I'm definitely going. Probably with the people reading this blog.


At 7/13/2005 2:29 PM, Blogger Brian said...

wow! that's almost like Katamari Damacy but up someone's butt.

At 7/14/2005 10:04 AM, Anonymous Big Daddy Rinke said...

Wow, I can't WAIT to see that movie. It'll be awesome. We should take Coby.

At 7/14/2005 10:06 AM, Blogger Jason said...

I'd love to take Coby and then speculate on what his first word will be...


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