Thursday, July 07, 2005

Quick Links Post

Before I leave for rehearsal/upstate travel.

Press Release: Opus, First Immersive Music Venue, to Open in New York in July

Also see the Opus Theater website.

Let me say that I'm cautiously optimistic about this concept. As somebody who has gladly paid good bucks for the opportunity to see The Kids Are Alright on a full-screen in semi surround-sound, I'd definitely pay movie-theater prices for the opportunity to see other "concerts" in a similar setting. The artist's rendering of the theater itself worries me somewhat; I'm not sure how they're going to preserve a movie-like experience while having a bar in the background, but once it opens, I'll definitely go up there and give it a shot. It's inconvenient for city-dwellers without cars, as it's in West Nyack. But I....have a car. :)

Calling Cyrano to the Film Set My gut instinct tells me that if I were a screenwriter, I'd be pissed that one of the actors brought in their own personal script doctor.

In Seat 12C, Speak Kindly and Carry a Big Candy Bar Okay, dude - we get it. You like Three Muskateers. Good for you. Shit, I forgot to tip the desk clerk at my last hotel. What's The Big Idea? Interesting first-hand account of how television talk shows manipulate their guests for the sake of good television.

Not that I've ever measured my respect/disrespect for M&M's, but the fact that their new commercial not only uses "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service but uses the cover version by Iron & Wine is just really, really, really cool.

Strong Bad is one hot model. Strong Bad, you husky-headed boy, I'm sorry for ever leaving you. It's been too long. Won't happen again.

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At 7/08/2005 11:59 AM, Blogger Brian said...

"Tip everyone at the hotel a lot. The bellhop. The desk clerk if he or she upgrades you. The maid. That way, you ensure service with a smile for just a few dollars extra. Tipping well for good service is a basic of sensible travel."

I don't mind tipping the bellhop or the desk clerk, but the maid?

Now I understand if there was some hot and heavy partying and sex where the room is an utter disaster but to just make the bed or turn it down, that's why I'm paying larger dollers.

At 7/08/2005 12:33 PM, Blogger Jason said...

I suppose it depends on the level of service. If I'm at a hotel for a night or two and really haven't given them much to do other than make the bed and replace the towels, I don't tip. At our last hotel, though, it was ridiculous - more than just the usual stuff - replacing all the little amenities, from body lotion bottles down to the small pads for removing makeup and Q-tips...we would leave the room a mess and come back to find our clothes all folded neatly on our couch. When they did turn-down, they always put on a CD playing softly on repeat....that kind of service deserves some recognition.

Technically, the maid is doing more work than many of the other employees one might encounter at a hotel - that's why I didn't think about tipping the desk clerk - and I imagine they get paid less. I was happy to tip them at our last hotel, but yes, it's for exceptional service.


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