Wednesday, October 26, 2005


There is a restaurant downtown staffed entrely by Ninjas? Why am I just hearing about this now?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the NYTimes is less than enthusiastic about this establishment. In fact the writeup is one of the more savage reviews I've ever read. Doesn't Mr. Bruni understand that the purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people? Ninja's are too busy fighting, stealthily sneaking about and generally being *awesome* to worry themselves with trivilaities like the texture of Mr. Bruni's Creme' Brulee. He should be thankful to simply be in the presence of Real Ultimate Power. In fact the whole review seems to be begging for the ninja to flip out and start cutting people's heads off. The nerve.

High points from the snarktastic review:

CONFUSING the point of a restaurant with the mission of a "Saturday Night Live" skit, Ninja New York deposits you in a kooky, dreary subterranean labyrinth that seems better suited to coal mining than to supping.

Ninja acts like a Disney ride - Space Mountain under a hailstorm of run-of-the-mill or unappealing sushi - but charges like Le Bernardin. It has a stringy crab dish served on a grapefruit that belches smoke, a ridiculous dessert in the shape of a frog and a whole lot of nerve.

A "fatty tuna steak," available à la carte for $45, was no larger than a cutlet, and while I expected o-toro, I detected no toro.

The review says the price for an evening at Ninja can top 100 per person. A small price to pay for Ninja-prepared cusine if you ask me.


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