Friday, December 16, 2005

Scopitones, The Original Old School MTV

I come across this every so often and am always amazed at just how much this technology was ahead of it's time. I do recall in the 80's some videodisc jukebox but it was super cost prohibitive to watch videos, if Dragon's Lair was $.50, this was like $2.00 a song.

Complete WORKING Scopitone Machine

Scopitone001bComplete WORKING Scopitone Machine on eBay
Buy it now for $1,200.00

This is a re-list because the high bidder from the original auction failed to complete the sale.

This Scopitone is complete and DOES work. This machine plays the film GREAT! They look great too! My camera just couldn't capture the sharpness of the film because of the motion, but it DOES have a shape picture! The sound is wonderful. I was surprised to hear such a great sound from ONE speaker and a REALLY old amp, but it DOES sound great! Everything Does work on the machine and you'll LOVE watching the old films.

but it does need a little something to be perfect. You have to press the selector buttons a few times to get it to start the film and when it does, the machine makes noise while the turret rotates, It's one of the relays clicking like crazy. I just don't know which one! There's 10 or 12 relays in there and they're all right together. I can't see it happening, but if you put your hand on the relays, you can feel that one is switching back and forth, but which one???

I have a manual that goes with the machine, but I'm not an elecrician, so I have no way of troubleshooting the problem. I'd bet that once the bad relay is replaced, there won't BE a problem.

There is 58 films that go with the machine. 36 are installed, the rest are all on spools and ready to install. I also have 100' of 16mm film leader that goes with this.

PLEASE measure your doors before you bid! The machine looks great, I just don't have room to keep it! It's 6 feet, 9 inches tall, 39inches deep and 31 1/2 inches wide!! YEAH!! It's big and heavy, but it's on casters and moves across carpet surprisingly well. The machine has a coin acceptor and will work on quarters. I currently have it set on "Free Play" but ther coin acceptor DOES work fine.

The films are in good condition, I was surprised to see films from the mid 60s that looked SO clear! The american series films are all very colorful, but the french series films all are red cast and not very good looking, but they do sound great! I've been looking for Scopitone films for a couple years now and NO ONE has goos french films from what I can tell."



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