Friday, February 03, 2006

Dave Chappelle Sightings

So Dave Chappelle will be on Oprah today. TiVo it here. Should be interesting. But here's what I don't get: Dave Chappelle is also featured on "Inside The Actor's Studio."

Lipton's show has strayed from those truly deserving of time in his particular hot seat for quite a long time. (Billy Joel, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, etc) I'm not saying that Chappelle won't have interesting things to say. But let's just look at his bio:
Chappelle first debuted his comedic talents at the age of fourteen while studying acting and literary media at the Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Within a year he was invited on stage at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. He made a name for himself along East Coast clubs before breaking into TV on Russell Simmons' "Def Comedy Jam" on HBO and receiving the honor of being the youngest featured comic to perform on "Comic Relief VI" at age twenty. Chappelle then moved into film, appearing in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," "You've Got Mail," "Half Baked," and "Con Air." Chapelle's fame skyrocketed with the success of the Comedy Central hit "Chappelle's Show." The show's smart and controversial social and political commentary made it an instant sensation and gave Chappelle status as one of comedy's reining stars.
What is Lipton going to ask him when it comes to "Half Baked?" What was it like working with Bob Saget? or: Jim Breuer: misunderstood dramatic genius, or mildy retarded?


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