Friday, May 05, 2006

While Jason's away, some mp3 blog love

The following were posted on the last few days and found (where else) on Hype Machine. MP3 blogs are transient, git em whilst they last.

From the always excellent WFMU "Beware of the Blog" (who brought us Janet Greene and her fascist folk music, 37 versions of Stairway to Heaven. Let me repeat that: THIRTY SEVEN VERSIONS OF STARIWAY TO HEAVEN. The jokes practically write themselves don't they?

From "The Rich Girls Are Weeping" - My motivation for putting this post together was seeing this and making sure Jason didn't miss the posting of muppet/sesame street mp3s while he was away. The highlight is of course "Pinball Number Count" by the Pointer Sisters (i.e. onetwothreeFOURFIVE sixseveneightNINETEN elevenTWELVE). The other tracks are great as well.

From one of my favorite sites "The Late Greats" - Maybe I am biased, but it is my opinion that everyone should own as many versions of 1952 Vincent Black Lightning as they can get their hands on (not available here, my favorite version, by the DelMcCoury Band).

Last but by no means least, far be it from me to interfere with the burgeoning mutual mancrush between Jason and Jefito, but if you are not a regular visitor to Jeff's site, you should be. He's currently featuring Beatles bootlegs, Little Feat mp3s and multiple cuts from the Bruce Willis album that doesn't have Respect Yourself on it.



At 5/05/2006 5:24 PM, Anonymous jefito said...

Oh my God! The Pointer Sisters doing the pinball song! POST OF THE YEAR!

At 5/08/2006 9:51 AM, Blogger Brian said...

:) I love the Stairway to Gilligan's Island, I haven't heard it since I used to listen to Dr. Demento on Sunday nights.

thanks for more memories besides the Sesame Street stuff.


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