Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Meow Mix: A Reality Show About Kitty Cats posts about somehting we drove past last night, the NEW Meow Mix Store.


Awesome! The Meow Mix House webcams are up. Why webcams? Why a house? Meow Mix is running its special cat reailty show where cats compete for a job with Meow Mix. Seriously. Cats from shelters across the country were selected to be put into a "house" at 425 Madison Avenue (Meow Mix's director of advertising and marketing, Ira Cohen, did tell the AP, "This thing is very tongue-in-cheek."). Each week, people can vote for the cats they want to stay in the house, and the winner will be named the "Feline Vice President of Research." But cats who are voted out will get placed in a home, plus a year of Meow Mix, as a prize, so not all is lost. In fact, one of the goals of the Meow Mix House stunt is to remind people about adoption season and how older cats need homes.



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