Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bohemian Rhapsomash

Unbelievably cool. And I can only recognize maybe three or four of the songs that are part of their BoRhap mashup.

Last year, the Kleptones released "A Night at the Hip-Hopera," which was a ridiculously brilliant mashup of Queen tunes (both well-known and obscure) and hip-hop tunes (both well-known and obscure). Being a huge Queen fan, it was great to hear how deep they went into the catalogue, but apart from that, I wound up discovering some really great rap/hip-hop tracks, like 8-Point Agenda by Herbaliser w/Latryx (which fits so well with "I'm Going Slightly Mad").

As expected, the retarded record companies issued a cease-and-desist - when will they learn that projects like this only stimulate more interest and do not limit current sales? - but the album is still available if you'd like to download it. Check Waxy's list of mirrors here, and check out all the insane research he and others have done to identify all the samples, from Kelis to Britney to Iggy to Bueller.

My favorite tracks are See (because of KRS-One), Bite (because who doesn't love ODB?), Break (because for the first time ever, I actually understood all the lyrics to Shake Your Rump), and the one I mentioned above, Plan (before I heard the original, I thought they were actually rapping that fast - turns out it's sped up).

By the way, I've heard other rumblings about this Queen cover album. Here's what I found thus far.

Flaming Lips "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Gavin Degraw "We Are The Champions"
Jason Mraz "Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy"
Josh Kelley "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
Joss Stone "Under Pressure"
Los Lobos "Sleepin On The Sidewalk
"Nickelback "We Will Rock You"
Rooney "Death On Two Legs"
Sum41 "Killer Queen"
Shinedown "Tie Your Mother Down"

Other acts unconfirmed but in line to contribute are Godsmack, POD, Queens Of The Stone Age and Harry Connick Jr (Fat Bottomed Girls).

Harry Connick Jr? FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS?? I'll reserve judgment. But regardless, the fact that Nickelback is on this thing does not bode well.

PS I lied about the end of the music nerd talk.


At 4/15/2005 11:43 AM, Anonymous Z said...

Why you gotta hate on Nickelback?


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