Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Rules for Streaking

New Rules for Streaking


We'd like to lay down some new rules for streaking... Streaking has been OVER for 2 decades. Running around at soccer games with corporate logos (or tennis matches with "got balls?") is beyond boring. But here are some exceptions...
1) It's all been done. So the # 1 rule is, if you're going to do it - make it interesting! like this HYSTERICAL video of a guy streaking past a camera woman, on-air, and blowing a giant fart as he runs by! a perfect 10!!

2) Concert streaking is not fun anymore. Unless it's done by the performing band, this is always fun.

3) Sporting event streaking is the most over-done of all. There are a few exceptions like causing people to turn away in pain at the site of your ass-crack (like the shot above) and flashing uptight people never gets old.

4) Tackling streakers is over, but the gentle cupping of streakers adds a new twist.

5) And hot girl streakers always rule.

Bonus: if the streaking girl KICKS A GOAL while running across the field during a live game (with the goalie on guard!) is you've got STREAKING GOLD!

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