Thursday, October 06, 2005

TiVo Stampede

I imagine that's what will happen in NYC next Friday. Here's part of the e-mail I just received.

The #2 requirement, which I inexplicably cropped out, is that you have to sign up for TiVo service.

Anyway, this is a cute lil' stunt - but I have a funny feeling they're likely to be absolutely overrun with people. When I first read it, I instinctually thought, "should I take off of work?" And I already have freaking TiVo.

Seeing as you can currently buy the 40-hour box for $50 after rebate, it's really not that much of a savings - and much more hassle.

I hope people beat each other up.


At 10/10/2005 12:54 PM, Blogger Brian said...

:) you can d/l stuff off your tivo without tivo to go.. now i'm trying to figure out just how you'll play it...


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