Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Celebs Under the Knife

Celebs Under the Knife

Jennifer Morrison

Sunday, October 23, 2005

You know there’s something very wrong when Botox, breast implants, nose jobs and tummy tucks have come to be the fashionable norm.
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Just take a look at today’s hottest celebs – young and old – and try to tell us they haven’t had (or at least considered) getting something done. Party girl Tara Reid’s had a boob job. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen both look like they’ve had work done to their noses.
So does Tori Spelling, who also looks to have had a couple boobs jobs over the years. Busty Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson’s gone from a healthy B-cup, to double-Ds, and then back to a C cup (or so she says). And have you checked out Hilary Duff’s smile lately? She recently had veneers put on, but problem is her teeth are so big she can hardly speak.
We wish we could forget about the discoloured King of Pop Michael Jackson, who has gone from being a black man to a very pale white man, and has had enough nose jobs to keep a plastic surgeon on his payroll for years. Wacko Jacko even gives pop diva Cher a run for her money when it comes to huge changes. What kind of work has she not undergone? We hear she’s had a nose job, liposuctions, tummy tuck, butt-lift, face-lift, breast enlargement, nose job(s), cheek implants… Oh yeah, didn’t she have some ribs removed? Scary stuff.


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