Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stupid complicated televisions

I've been holding off on buying a new television for ages now because the technologies keep changing, and I just can't keep up. (Even the "Home Theater For Dummies" book I bought is way outdated at this point.) I was intrigued when I saw an article entitled "Don't Make These 5 HDTV Mistakes," and now I'm even more confused than I was before.

And the comments just make it worse.


At 11/11/2005 8:55 AM, Blogger Brian said...

yep, it's very confusing.

One of the reasons just last year we had NOT made a push for HD at all at work as cable channels don't have the same mandate to be high def like over the air broadcasters. So CBS/NBC/ABC/FOX/WB have to respond and convert to HD, while MTV, Nick, USA, SciFi, FX, don't have to.

One of the reasons we didn't move was because there are still formats that are being fought out, from cameras to playbackdecks on the production side. We have over 5,000 Beta decks at the average cost of over $20,000 each. Some of the higherend ones are about $45,000.

Then there's the consumer side, the early adopters are all pissed off because they cannot get all the technology being promised right now. Cable Card, DVR, content... etc.

so, I'm just sitting waiting a couple more years.

At 11/11/2005 12:07 PM, Blogger Jason said...

I wonder if this book - which just came out today - would help. I suppose it would if I'm buying one this week, but everything will change by next week...

At 11/11/2005 12:27 PM, Blogger Brian said...

oh .. I forgot to mention.. this year has been all about getting into HD after we launched the 44 1/2 foot high def screen in Times Square at the end of last year.

We just created a mobile HD truck and there will be more HD stuff to follow...


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