Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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It's a slow day today.

Not as good as Numa Numa, but I have to admit that I cracked up at about 1:36. "I Want It That Way"

Two signs that the apocalypse is near: Harold Ramis wants Ben Stiller for Ghostbusters 3, and Lindsay Lohan is going to be doing a movie about Mark David Chapman, Lennon's killer. I hope she's playing Ringo.

I wasn't a big Transformers fan, but I know some of you were, so here are Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Transformers Movie.

As if one post about Genesis wasn't enough, here comes news that Phil Collins would be open to a Genesis reunion. Here's a great quote:
I'm happy to sit behind the drums and let Peter (Gabriel) be the singer. If (a reunion) happens, I'll be there. If it doesn't happen ... it would just be because there are too many things in the way.
Really? If it doesn't happen, it'd be because there are too many things in the way? That's almost as lame as your comment on current political events:

Collins said he wasn't afraid in Israel, where Israeli-Palestinian violence has raged for more than five years, although attacks have largely decreased during the past year since a February truce. He performed in Lebanon a day earlier.

"I wish it wasn't like this," Collins said of the conflict. "I sit and watch stuff on the television, I think, 'Why, why, why.'"

Why, why, why indeed! Thanks, Phil.


At 11/09/2005 5:23 PM, Blogger Brian said...

well my comment to Phil... is the Bud commercial of yesteryear...

Why ask why?

as for the transformers movie...

"While Bumblebee will likely retain his familiar look of old, others characters are in need of an update. Soundwave's alternate mode as a cassette deck, for instance, doesn't have quite the same appeal as it did in the '80s, and he will instead change into a helicopter. Other character facelifts are also on slate: According to producers, Ratchet will likely become a fire truck rather than an ambulance, Jazz will transform into some sort of sports car and Arcee into some type of motorbike. "

if they change what they morph into then they aren't the same thing are they? Which brings me to, if they change casted characters to something other than what they traditionally were cast as ex. KingPin is white but in the Daredevil movie he was a black man... are they still the same thing?


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