Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A few entries from angryasianman.com

The first one, Wang Newton is a bit of a laugh. I'm not so sure just how to take it since normally Angry Asian Man points to racist articles and items and outright declares them racist as, "That's racist!" with the examples of the Spencer Gifts photo post further down the page. If “HANG OUT WITH YOUR WANG OUT” (Spencer Gifts) and "Wong Brothers Laundry Service -- Two Wongs Can Make It White." (Abercrombie & Fitch),  then why isn't Wang Newton's "Fresh off the boat, the Ruv Boat" also not? Maybe because it's like the N Word, okay when "they" say it.

I have no idea what to make of Wang Newton. Performing monthly at the Walnut Room in Philadelphia. Here's a brief interview with her: Meet Wang Newton, a relative newcomer. What is a "1950s-Hollywood-style Asian accent"?

I didn't realize that Rubik's cubes were still a popular thing. Here's an old school website that has links in old .edu style: Michael Reid's Rubik's cube page

The competition was tough, but 20-year-old Caltech student Leyan Lo set a new world's record this weekend for solving the Rubik's Cube: Man Solves Rubik's Cube in 11.13 Seconds. He also set a new world's record for nerdiness.

Here's an article on brothers Tyson and Toby Mao, stars of the deadly competitive art of speedcubing: Brothers square off in cubing contest. Okay, so it's not really deadly. It's solving the Rubik's Cube really really really fast—so fast it should be deadly! As you know, Tyson's on the current season of WB's Beauty and the Geek, along with fellow geek Ankur and beauty Cher (turns out she's of Asian descent, as many of you have pointed out to me).

UPDATE: Cher, the beer spokesmodel and former Hooter's waitress, is indeed part Korean. In this article on her geeky teammate Herman, he says that other contestants started calling them "Woody and Soon Yi." UGH. Yak. Pitooey.



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