Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Gary Cherone, Rock Putz

This week, a new Who tribute comes rolling into town. Amazing Journey: A Tribute To The Who features Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater, Paul Gilbert from Mr. Big, Billy Sheehan from Mr. Big, and Gary Cherone from both Van Halen and, of course, Extreme. They're at BB King's tomorrow night.

Blabbermouth.net reports their stellar setlist, but more importantly, notes the following:

Gary Cherone — caught up in the moment during the "smashing" encore of "My Generation" at the Whittier performance — decided to do a full body dive into Mike Portnoy's obliterated custom-made drum set. Unfortunately, the back of his head landed (or so it is believed) on one of the lug nuts on the drums.

CalProg security manager Gruno reports the event as follows: "Gary flipped over the drums and his back landed on a mic stand and one of the bass drums. The back of his head landed flat against the back of the toms. He was knocked out briefly (maybe three seconds max) as I was on stage left and he had this bewildered look when he came to. He sat motionless for another few seconds. After they exited the stage, I had to get Portnoy's stick bag for him and there was blood all over the drums. He was okay with some ice and towels in the dressing room."

My Who buddy Mike Starcke reports that this isn't the first time Cherone has hurt himself trying to look cool: back when he was with VH, he jumped over an aisle railing and landed on his balls. (I can't find confirmation of this: Googling "Gary Cherone testicles" and "Gary Cherone injures nuts" didn't help.) Anyway, enjoy:

Photo of Gary Cherone being a putz

Video of Gary Cherone being a putz


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