Thursday, May 18, 2006

McCartney Divorces, Reporters Go Wild

So, as you probably know by now, Paul McCartney and his wife of four years, Heather Mills McCartney are separating. And naturally, reporters have had a field day in their creation of headlines.

These are all real:

Sir Paul Joins Lonely Hearts Club
She Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Right
They Can't Work It Out
Linda casts shadow over long and winding road to break-up
She's Leaving Home
Hello, Goodbye to McCartney's Marriage
Money can't buy you love
Heather's Grabby Road
So yesterday for McCartneys (nice! Even includes a Hillary Duff reference!)
She Won't Still Need Him When He's 64

Mike and I came up with these:

Heather Mills McCartney on The Run
Debt (ooo,ooo,ooooh!) (to the tune of Jet)
Half! (ooo,ooo,ooooh!) (same tune)
You're Gonna Give Me Your Money
Heather Says Goodbye, Heather's Divorce Lawyer Says Hello

Are there any we've missed?


At 5/18/2006 3:55 PM, Blogger Michael said...

She Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Right

I've decided that's the winner. It's so MEAN.


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