Thursday, May 11, 2006

Virtual Singer

I don't know how I found this page, what possessed me to install this application called Harmony Assitant, but when Mike mentioned that the leek swinging anime character was scatting, I had to look up Jazz Scat (do not just google scat, it will not be a good thing, trust me on this one!)

I happened to grow up near where Scatman Crothers lived and would see him from time to time at the grocery store. I always enjoyed his performances in TV shows, but I did especially like listening to him scat. I had forgotten how much I did enjoy it.

Harmony Assitant not only lets you do musical notation and harmony, but one of the plugins Virtual Singer allows one to have virtual singers in many languages and abilities, scatting being one of them. So far I've listened to 4 part harmony Italian Opera, Elvis, Sinatra, Gregorian Chant, and Scat Jazz!



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