Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Jeez, I haven't the foggiest idea where these things come from...

what happened the last day of Kurt Cobain's lifewhat happened in the time of his death till the police werecalled in? I recived an unsigned letter in the mail with a confession. Now here on FLICKR is the exclusive story

its a sad sick tale that ended more horrible than you know or could imagine Kurts story is truly tragic. What could of saved him? no one will ever know

Here's the last day of KURT COBAIN

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Kurt broke into the hospitals medicine stock room before he left the rehab
it was full of every kind of pill and drug you could dream of
a candy
a junkies dream
he stuffed his pockets and filled bottles and
dragged them home
now he sat n smoked popping pills like candy
as the
world around him faded
and the voices in his head stopped screaming
his loudmouth deranged wife
Courtney Love
I jusst wanna die groaned and
slurred Kurt
I..J U S T W A N N A D I E
as he slowly slid to the floor



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