Wednesday, July 19, 2006

YouTube Rights spat

Apparently I've stumbled across a spat of YouTube community members going back and forth about free speech and the like, it goes on back and forth with people actually responding via video monologue. An interesting way to debate since one of the problems with debating in forums is that it is a text only medium there is no opportunity for voice inflection and body language. ZenArcher tells everyone to read the Terms of Use since you agree to them before being a community membmer.

One member actually thought that someone wouldn't be able to read the TOU due to blindness, he provides the service by reading it aloud to everyone. I thought it was boring to read, it is even more boring to listen to.
One member put together a bit more interesting and homorous approach to YouTube rights. The only oddity is that I have not been able to find the root, the origin, the first video that ZenArcher is referring to.

Personally, I much prefer to read the arguments than listen to or watch, because I find myself distracted or prejudiced by the voice or appearance of the speaker. I guess, we'll have more people ever so confuzzled because a talking head told me so, it must be true.


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