Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Speaking of concerts...

Going to see Amy Ray tonight. I'm a touch apprehensive. Last time, I waited on line for about 3 hours, and was the only guy in the first ten rows. (I was, of course, front row, hugging the monitor.) It's actually the only concert situation I've been in where I really felt like I was just in the wrong place. But I love Amy bigtime, so off I go.

As much as I want to see certain bands, it just doesn't seem worth it sometimes. Read this excellent blog entry about Beck's secret show at Hiro last week, which combines pictures with some of the ridiculous ticket requests/pleas on Craigslist. I feel like there are very few concerts that are worth this much effort to me. As much as I pretend to be indie-yuppie, I'm just not.


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