Monday, April 18, 2005

Talk About Drama...

This is one of those things that will probably only be fascinating to me:

New York Magazine Article: Christina Applegate - Off-Again, On-Again Star of Sweet Charity

I've been following this story for months as it's unfolded. The full back-story is in this article. I'm really interested in seeing how this all turns out. (Tonight is her first preview.) I saw some video footage of her rehearsing the show a while back, and while she's certainly not the strongest dancer or singer, she's adorable, and damn, she's working really hard. I have a bad feeling that she's going to get torn apart by the Times come May. You can tell her heart is in the right place, but I just don't know if that's enough to ensure a successful production.


At 4/18/2005 4:30 PM, Blogger Michael said...

This article is unintentional comedy GOLD.

1. Applegate on Anatomy “Sometimes you just don’t have room for negative thought. Even if one starts to creep in, I say, ‘I told you not to come around here anymore.’ Because worrying actually affects your organs, and your organs are what help heal your foot.

2. Why musical theater actors shouldn't be allowed to be near one another "So I can’t jeopardize my foot heal—” Suddenly, as if on cue, everyone was singing. “The hip bone’s connected to the foot bone, the foot bone’s connected to the heart bone, the heart bone’s connected . . . ” “There’s something to that song,” Applegate called out, ending the sing-along. “It’s not just some frivolous silly song. It all is connected.” “Focus and determination,” Fran Weissler chimed in.“I’m determined and I’m focused,” Applegate echoed.

3. “Would I have done Sweet Charity without a star? No,” said Weissler. The role demands a great actress, a very skilled dancer, and a strong singer—the storied triple threat. Weissler brought on mid-career Hollywood types—first Jenna Elfman, then Marisa Tomei—but neither could hack it. “They were both great actresses,” said Weissler. “But they really couldn’t get the musical side of the show. So we went into an audition process—and I’m not gonna name the other stars because it would be embarrassing to them. Christina came out looking the best.”

I'm sure Ms. Tomei will lead her resume off with "The Poor Man's Christina Applegate."

At 4/18/2005 4:30 PM, Blogger Michael said...

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At 5/05/2005 11:43 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Christina called "appealing but underequipped" by Brantley. After the Glengarry review you posted I wasn't sure if he was able to actually criticize anything.


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