Friday, October 07, 2005

Plagiarist Links

Kottke discusses The Matthew Effect. I hate buildings with doormen. (Mainly because I don't have a building with a doorman.)

Also via Kottke: The Joy-to-Stuff Ratio.

Craaaaazy Nic Cage has a son. No word yet on whether he can fly and if he's allergic to the green stuff. Why do parents do this to their children?

Here's a commercial from way back when - The Flintstones advertising Winston cigarettes. That's a far reach from Fruity Pebbles and vitamins. I love commercials like these, with their clever songs and slogans to advertise their tobacco. The Abbott and Costello radio show used to advertise that Camels appealed to your T-Zone ("That's T for Taste and T for Throat!"). More about Camel and their T-Zone.

The Ballad of Linda Perry, as I'm calling it - the rise, fall and rise of the lead singer of 4 Non Blondes, and how she reinvented herself as a popular songwriter. I was right - it really was all about Pink. Good to know that Linda herself despises her "What's Up" singing voice from way back when as well.

Billy Joel has a new box set coming out. I haven't seen a full tracklisting, but it seems as if Columbia is being smart about it and including enough rare stuff to entice schmucks like me who already own all the previously-released stuff. I'm sure it won't include any original pop songs post River of Dreams, but some of the covers sound interesting. I'm assuming the Brian Wilson cover is "Don't Worry Baby," which he performed at the BW Tribute a few years back. He did an unbelievable job singing the hell out of it. I hope they include his cover of Del Shannon's "Runaway" as well. He still has "it," he just needs to figure out what to do with it.

Apple's releasing new stuff next Tuesday. I'm hoping that Think Secret is right and it's finally the 80 gig iPod. My iPod has about two hours of continuous use at this point before the battery craps out.

And finally, no thanks, I'll just spend the three dollars.

Have a great weekend.