Thursday, November 24, 2005

Stove Top Stuffing Creator died

Well, it seems like this is current but it's not. It is 11 days old. The only reason why this of course gets press is because it's Thanksgiving.

I'm sure that there is some reader out there reading this and thinking back to some childhood memories.

Of course we could be just pushing up our shoulders and tilting our heads to the side like someone else we know. If I could only get a screen capture...

Ruth M. Siems created Stove Top stuffing
The New York Times
November 23, 2005

Ruth M. Siems, a retired home economist whose best-known innovation will make its appearance, welcome or otherwise, in millions of homes Thursday on Thanksgiving, died Nov. 13 at her home in Newburgh, Ind. Siems, an inventor of Stove Top stuffing, was 74.

The cause was a heart attack, according to the Warrick County coroner's office in Boonville.

Siems spent more than three decades on the staff of General Foods, which introduced the Stove Top brand in 1972. Today, Kraft Foods, which now owns the brand, sells about 60 million boxes of it at Thanksgiving, a company spokeswoman said.

Prepared in five minutes on the stove or in the microwave, Stove Top stuffing comes in a range of flavors, including turkey, chicken, beef and sourdough.

Ruth Miriam Siems was born in Evansville on Feb. 20, 1931. Siems earned an undergraduate degree in home economics from Purdue University in 1953, and after graduation, she took a job at the General Foods plant in Evansville, where she worked on flours and cake mixes. She moved to the company's technical center in Tarrytown, N.Y., not long afterward. Siems retired in 1985.

Hopefully you can raise a fork or spoon to pay some respects to the creator...



At 11/25/2005 9:18 AM, Blogger Jason said...

Oh, I have screen capture jpegs, but there's now way I'm going to post them. :)

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