Monday, January 23, 2006

Because nothing says I love you like Dutch Yodelling.

Jason's love of the deeply strange early 70's rock instrumental "Hocus Pocus" by otherwise unknown Dutch group "Focus" is well documented. So naturally when I came across this ILX thread of notable musical performances archived on youtube
(well worth checking out if you like that sort of thing) I had to make sure that he saw a rare live clip of the mad dutch yodellers themselves performing their big hit on an unnamed 70's TV program (hosted by Gladys Knight? who is that?) with japanese subtitles.

YouTube - focus - hocus pocus

Particularly entertaining are the weird muppet on crack facial expressions (and high-torque mennonite beard) sported by Focus leader Thijs Van Leer (that's him in the picture). Enjoy kids. I may post some other worthwhile performances off that thread in the comments.



At 1/23/2006 3:41 PM, Blogger Michael said...

As promised:

1. A grainy timecoded clip of a James Brown concert at the Roxy in 1983 where Michael Jackson and Prince both jump onstage with him. This is worth watching if only to say to yourself "Yup, that pretty much is what Michael and Prince would be wearing in 1983 if they were just going to a concert"

2. Miles Davis and John Coltrane play "So What" from 1958. Awesome.

3. FLASH! AAAAAAHHHH!!! (Dispatch War Rocket Ajax! To bring back his body!) Some *mighty* lip synching here by Freddie. Brian's poodle-fro in fine form. Good watching all the way around.

4. Kind of grainy live clip of Reelin in the Years (there are a few other Steely Dan clips linked in the thread).

5. Tarzan Boy! (from top of the pops, Jason, it's important that we cover this)

There are others worth looking at, but I'll leave it to you to explore.

At 1/24/2006 1:44 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Oh dear god. When he whistles...and shows those teeth...but they do deserve that standing ovation. That is not an easy song to play - and let's face it, he's good at what he does. :)

I am not fond of YouTube, as the clips always buffer oddly (even when I let them fully load) and the sound doesn't match the video - but that being said, the ability to share such fantastic videos is amazing.

Regarding James Brown/MJ/Prince: are you kidding me? This clip is awesome. Michael's dancing is straight-on homage to James Brown, and its only fault is that it ends way too soon. Prince does his usual self-centered bit - lots of ugly faces, self-gratification and, of course, putting people in danger at the end. (This happens again 20 years later when he performs "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and throws his guitar into the audience when he's through with his blistering solo.)

I'm lovin' these clips.


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