Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I owe you a post with content...

...or at least some links.

I know that I've been lax in updating lately. I promise it's for a good reason. However, I have come across a few links lately that I wanted to share, so enjoy.
  • Mike linked to this in one of his posts, and I think I may have actually mentioned it before: has some of the best freaking photoshop work I've ever seen. I know, I'm probably late on the bandwagon here, but I have had a great time checking out a number of their contests, specifically the Fountain of Age ones mentioned on Kottke.
  • While listening to On The Media last weekend, I heard an interview with journalist Eric D. Snider, regarding an essay he wrote entitled "I Was A Junket Whore." He pretty much exposes the big-budget movie press junket for what it is: an opportunity for the studio to pamper "journalists" into providing a positive review. I have a few issues with Snider's own ethical code for a few different reasons, but other than taking a cheap-shot about Maggie Gyllenhaal's face, it's really not relevant to this article. Still, you'll enjoy reading Snider's humorous piece, as he bites the hand that feeds fed him. Note: Snider has now been banned from attending any future Paramount screenings, as well as screenings from a few other studios.
  • Raz sent me this article last week, about how "retarded people love them some Huey Lewis." That's a direct quote. Sounds offensive, right? Read the article. As Raz mentioned, the article had the potential to make both Huey Lewis and retarded people look bad, but somehow avoids doing either.
  • Stereogum reports on a new take on a Shakespeare fave: Much Adoobie Brothers About Nothing. I have no doubt in my mind that as much as this sounds awesome, it probably really sucks. That being said, if it weren't in Santa Monica, I would have gone to see it already. Twice.


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