Thursday, June 23, 2005

An Open Letter to the Music Industry

Thought this worth reading. "The War Against Silence" (and I thought my blog title was affected), has promulgated this open letter to record company executives the world over.

The author explains in the slightly pedantic and reasoned tone typical of high quality snark, that while he still pays for music, he also "steals" it (steal is a loaded and incorrect term for what goes on in p2p-land, as is "piracy", but I guess copyright infrigement doesn't trip off the tongue that well). He steals what is out of print, unavailable in the US and what he deems to be overpriced or otherwise improper.

Interesting to read one person's rationalization for this behavior. My take has always been that it should be the industry's job to adapt to technology (i.e. lower prices, easy to use online outlets like iTMS), not use the copyright laws to attempt to cling to its business model, but I am in the minority.


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